Our Firm

Advanced Design Services Incorporated is a dedicated AEC Company aiming to provide Excellent Quality Service on Building Designs and Construction.

Services We Offer

Architectural Services

Schematic Design
Space Planning
Design Development
Construction Documents
Construction Administration
Building Design
Space Planning
Site Planning
Technical Drawing Plans
Illustration Rendering and 3D Design Rendering
Cost Estimating Related to Design Options
Contract Documents

Electrical Services

Schematic Design of Power and Auxiliary Systems
Conceptual Layout of Power and Auxiliary Systems
Design Development of Power and Auxiliary Systems
Construction Documents of Power and Auxiliary Systems
Space Planning for Power and Auxiliary Equipment
Cost and Estimate for the Infrastructure of Power and Auxiliary Systems
Load Calculation of Panelboards
Electrical Analysis
Technical Drawing Plans
Illustration rendering and 3D Design Rendering
Cost Estimating Related to Design Options
Contract Documents

Mechanical Services

HVAC System Design
Fire Protection System Design
Plumbing System Design

Plumbing and Sanitary Services

Plumbing Line Design
Water Line Design
Sewage Treatment Plant Design
Plumbing and Sanitary Plans Drawing Production
Maintenance and Repair Services

Civil - Structural Services

Structural Design & Analysis | Peer Review
Design of New Building
Design Modification of Existing Building
Building Expansion & Addition
Design of Structure and Foundation
Seismic Evaluation & Upgrade
Seismic Rehabilitation
Structural Investigation and Retrofitting Design
Project Management
Project Planning & Scheduling
Cost & Time Management
Project Monitoring & Supervision
Construction Support/Manpower Resources
Land & Site Development
Drainage and Flood Control System
Retaining walls/pools & slope protection
Materials Take off /Cost Estimating
Geotechnical Investigation/ Evaluation
Structural and Civil plans drawing production

Electronics and Communications Services

Deployment of Server Computer for SME.
Structured Cabling
Installation of Wireless Antenna, Unified Switch, Firewall, Anti-Virus for PC
Virtualization for Server PC
Software & WEB Development
Supply, Installation of POS, Queuing System
Supply, Installation of Unified Internet Solutions
Supply, installation of Smart Door, Biometric, PABX, VoIP, Paging System, Hybrid Renewable Energy (Solar, Hydro, Wind), CCTV camera, Lightning Arrester with ESE advance feature
Installation of House Automation Devices,
Installation of LED Wall for (indoor/Outdoor)